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Wood Owl's Roost

Assorted rants, ruminations, ideas, and grumbles

Wood Owl
Tech geek, (semi)redneck, Unitarian, and general old fart. Technical writer by trade, woodworker whenever I have the time. Once and future potter. Social liberal, political populist, fiscal moderate, peace advocate, Mensan, and tree-hugging dirt-worshipper. B.S. (University of North Texas) in computer science and minor in fine arts (ceramics).

I've worked as a grocery store worker, short order cook, electronics assembler, IC fabrication tech, printing press operator, bartender, survey interviewer, quality control inspector, high-rise elevator construction worker, software/documentation usability reviewer, and (for the last 20 years) technical writer. And, lest we not forget, husband (30 years and counting), father, and grandfather.